Scholarship Information

Apply Now! The Bryce Kennedy Memorial Inc. Scholarship is named for Bryce Kennedy, a 2005 graduate of Cooper High School. It is designated to provide financial assistance to a graduating senior who is planning to attend an accredited college. The scholarship will provide $2000 for the recipient.

Scholarship Winner for 2014

winner2014JORDAN VELEZ The Impact of the Shattered Dreams Program Today and in the future Choices

Every parent has a dream for their kids, and when that parent loses their child due to an alcohol related car crash because someone thought they were "okay to drive" all those "dreams" are shattered. The Shattered Dreams Program has made a huge impact on not just my life, but many of my fellow classmates. This program showed us that if you make the right choice by not getting behind the wheel when you are intoxicated, you can and will save a life of an innocent driver. The meaning has it in its title, "Shattered Dreams" if you make the choice to drink and drive, you will shatter your dreams and possibly someone else's.

When we were put in the wrecked cars and they started to put the fake "blood" on us, the reality hit us hard! We looked at each other and then look at one of my good friends lying on top of the hood. It seemed so real even though we knew it was just a "mock wreck". I never want this to ever happen to anyone. As soon as the 911 call was made, it got scary really fast. It seemed so real, which made it even more frightening. After the mock crash they took us to the medical examiner office, and UMC trauma unit. Going into each one of the rooms, where we would go to if we did this, gave me a weird feeling in my stomach. This is one place i never want to go.

They next day was the funeral, and i knew it would be hard for everyone. Each speaker spoke about their lifetime struggle with a drinking and driving victim. We all learned that if something like this was to happen, our parents would not know what to do, which makes us not want to put our parents through it.

As we were at our retreat, I read my letter from my parents and the hardest part was when i was writing them back, because as a kid of theirs, I do not like to disappoint them and even though i knew that this was a fake accident, I still felt like I disappointed them. I made sure to write in the letter that i will never do this and i will never put in this kind of situaton.

~ Jordan Velez

Eligibility and Restrictions

  • Graduating Senior whom has participated/witnessed in the Shattered Dreams Program sponsored by Bryce Kennedy Memorial, Inc.
  • Must maintain a GPA of 2.5 and provide proof each semester of GPA to receive scholarship funds.
  • Be enrolled as a full time (12 hours) student in an accredited college.
  • Have no alcohol violations while receiving this scholarship.

  • The applicant must submit the following items as part of the application:

    1. Completed Application form; Proof of enrollment in accredited college.
    2. A brief essay explaining how the Shattered Dreams program affected you or what it meant to you. (Please keep essay between 500-1000 words) signed at the bottom.
    3. One recent photograph of yourself
    4. Two letters of recommendation from an individual not related to you, a high school principal, coach, teacher or counselor, an employer, pastor or supervisor from an organization for which you volunteered

    The application form, essay, references and photograph should be assembled together and submitted in one envelope and mailed to the above address. We will take applications through June 15, 2015  and will announce the winner at our event on August 20, 2016 - the recipient does not have to be present and the first check will be mailed to the recipient at that time.

  • Mail to:
    Bryce Kennedy Memorial Inc.
    PMB 163
    2438 Industrial Blvd
    Abilene, TX 79605

  • For More information, contact:
    Don Kennedy - 325-280-4008